Cavity Prevention

Cavity Prevention

The most important thing to understand about cavity prevention is that it starts at home. Regular flossing, brushing, and a consistently healthy diet is essential in warding off tooth decay. Cavities are created from bacteria that are allowed to hang out on the teeth and eat holes in the tooth enamel. Cavity prevention can help even those who are prone to developing tooth decay ward off dentalcavities. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Within every human mouth there are millions of bacteria. Most of these bacteria are necessary for helping to break down food particles that are left behind after eating. While these bacteria mean to be helpful, if they are allowed to overstay their welcome, they will begin to do serious damage to the teeth. The longer bacteria are allowed to stay inside the mouth breaking down food particles, they will begin to produce acids in order to help out their process. It is these acids that damage the teeth because they eat their way through the tooth enamel. This is why cavity prevention is so important.

When you take the time to practice regular oral hygiene habits each day, you are fighting against the development of cavities within your mouth. Flossing helps to scrape away the bacteria-laden plaque from between the teeth and brushing helps to loosen the plaque from the sides and top surfaces of the teeth. Both are essential habits because they clean different areas of the teeth. A healthy diet that is low in refined sugars is also an essential element in cavity prevention. Sugars are what attract the most bacteria to the teeth. So, food particles that are high in sugar that are left behind in the mouth attract more bacteria that produce a greater amount of acids. Choosing your foods wisely, not only for your waist line but also for your oral health, is an important part of cavity prevention.

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