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A complete smile is a beautiful smile – it is also a healthy smile. Millions of Americans deal with tooth loss each year. Whether tooth loss is caused by an infected tooth, extraction, or trauma, it leaves the mouth incomplete and each person with the difficult choice of what needs to be done. A missing tooth causes many people to feel self-conscious about their smiles, but you need to know that a missing tooth is even more serious than feeling embarrassment. A missing tooth leaves the mouth extremely vulnerable to a rapid decline of oral health. The entire mouth structure is designed to be supported by a full set of teeth. When one or more teeth are missing, the jaw begins to lose its support, and the jawbone itself will deteriorate over time. Cheap Implants Beaverton offer a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth, providing both the aesthetic desire for a complete smile as well as the support that the jaw needs to remain strong and healthy.

Dental implants have been touted as the most revolutionary advancement in dentistry in the last century. Dental implants offer a comfortable, attractive, and permanent solution to tooth loss. Most people who choose dental implants as their tooth replacement option find that they achieve a higher quality of life because they grant patients improved speech, the ability to eat whatever they want, improved oral health, and the confidence to show their smiles to the world.

Dental implants are surgically implanted directly into the jaw bone so that they are securely placed. As the mouth heals, the jawbone goes through the process of osseointegration and “accepts” the implant so that it becomes permanently stable. The process does take time, and the monetary investment is greater than other options; however, dental implants provide advantages that dentures and other tooth replacement options cannot deliver.

At Definition Dental Dentist Beaverton OR – Dental Implant Specials , We are proud to offer this restorative dentistry option to those who are seeking a permanent solution to tooth loss. Our practice works with our patients on a personal level to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. You do not have to live with an incomplete smile – in fact, you should not. Please contact Definition Dental today to schedule a consultation regarding your tooth replacement options. Dental implants can provide you with the solution you desire.

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