Your Diet and Your Teeth

Diet For Teeth Health

If you want to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight, your doctor will tell you to watch what you eat. If you want to keep your teeth healthy and prevent cavities, your dentist will also tell you to watch what you eat. Tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease are two of the most common diseases of modern civilization – yet they are almost entirely preventable. Flossing daily and brushing your teeth at least twice a day areessential to the prevention of oral diseases, and improving your diet is the third component to keeping your mouth healthy. There are direct links between what you eat and the health of your mouth, making it extremely important to watch what you eat.

Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria on a daily basis. Those bacteria are there to be “helpful” for a short time, and are meant to be flossed, brushed, and spit out of the mouth each day. However, for those who are not committed to a specific oral health routine and who skip out on any of these steps – their mouths are already susceptible to decay. Add in an unhealthy diet, and there is the potential for extreme chaos inside the mouth. Certain foods and food combinations are linked to a higher level of cavity-causing bacteria. Sugar is the most damaging culprit for the health of your mouth, and our over-consumption of sugar here in America has put tooth decay and periodontal disease on the rise despite the fact that we are a highly advanced nation.

The bacteria in the mouth are most attracted to sugars in the foods that you eat and beverages that you drink. As the bacteria gather at these sources, they produce acids in order to “eat away” at the sugars. The overproduction of acids is what causes cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal disease, and a diet that is high in sugar will only continue to promote trouble.

By eating a well-balanced diet that is low in sugar, you have the potential to help keep your entire body healthy – including your teeth. Making good choices and being dedicated to proper oral health care are the most important steps you can do on your own to prevent oral health issues. At Definition Dental, we are here to partner with you so that you can achieve and maintain the healthiest mouth possible. Call today to schedule an appointment with us, and be on your way to your best smile.

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