Dentist recommended toothbrush

Dentist Recommended Toothbrush

The verdict is in: electric toothbrushes are here to stay, and they mean business for your teeth! By now, you’ve probably seen them on the shelves, on TV or in magazines. Dentists endorse them, and most are ADA-approved — but if you still swear byRead More

Oral Health

Tobacco Effects on Oral Health

Let’s Clear The Air: Smokeless Tobacco Still Means Trouble!

Chew it, dip it, suck it or “snuff” it–there’s no smoke involved with many forms of tobacco, but no matter how you use it, you’re still playing with fire! While cigarettes catch a lot of heat for causing lung cancer,Read More

discolored tooth fillings

Discolored Tooth Fillings

Still flashing a bit of silver when you smile? Cavities can happen to anyone, but the whole world doesn’t have to know about them! If you’ve been living with old, discolored tooth fillings , there’s never been a better time to have them replaced.

Read More

Causes of Bad Breath

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can have negative effects on your life, and it affects a large amount of the American population. Some people are aware of their own bad breath, yet others are unaware of how bad their breath smells until someone brings it to their attention.Read More

Have a Cracked Tooth

Signs You May Have a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are dangerous oral health care concerns because of the damage that can progress inside the mouth. Inside every tooth are different layers which make up the tooth. The outer layer that is visible when you smile is called the enamel. This enamel protects the inner layers ofRead More

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