Gentle Dentistry


Here at Definition Dental – Gentle family dentistry, we firmly believe that dental visits should never be scary or painful which is why we practice gentle dental care. If you are at all nervous or anxious about seeing a dentist, or haven’t felt able to see a dentist for a while then why not let us help you? Our gentle dentist has considerable experience in helping nervous patients overcome their fears and we treat everyone with respect and compassion, just as if they were family.

Our practice is very friendly and is designed to provide our patients with a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We even provide beverages and warm scented towels to make every visit that much nicer and more enjoyable. Our dental team is particularly gentle with younger patients and we all love seeing kids.

How We Can Help You Cope with Fears or Anxieties 
If you haven’t been able to see a Gentle dentist then we would like to invite you to come and see us here at Definition Dental. Our dental team will never judge, as instead, we will take the time to talk to you, to best understand the reason for your fears so we can decide on the best way to help you. Whatever the reason, there will be a way forward as we will work with you to provide treatment in a way that is comfortable for you to receive.

For some people, this might be as simple as knowing you can stop treatment at any time, just by raising your hand. Knowing you are in control might be sufficient, but if you feel more anxious or if you need extensive treatment to restore dental health, we may suggest sedation dentistry. Definition Dental can provide nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Both options are safe and we will continually monitor you during your treatment. With both treatments, you will still be conscious and able to communicate with us but you will find treatment is much easier to cope with. Our aim is to ensure you have a positive experience at every visit so that it becomes progressively easier to come and see us regularly.

Why Regular Dental Care Can Help You Conquer Dental Fears
Once you have received dental treatment to restore dental health, then great preventative care will help you maintain it. By coming to see us regularly, we can keep a close eye on your dental health so that if you do develop any problems, these can quickly be treated usually well before you even realize anything is wrong. By working with you, our hygiene team will help you understand how to maintain good oral health at home so you can take control of your dental health. With this approach, your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments could be all that is needed for a healthy smile, making those dental fears a thing of the past.

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