In spite of improved dental care, many people will lose one or more teeth during their lifetime. Tooth loss can be embarrassing and upsetting, resulting in loss of self-esteem and it can affect your ability to eat properly. Even losing a single tooth can negatively impact your dental health which is why it is so important to replace missing teeth as soon as you can. implant dentistry in Beaverton are often the best long-term solution for dental Implants problems.

Explaining Dental Implants Procedure

A traditional Treatment consists of three separate components. The first component is the implant post that is inserted directly into the jawbone during a short surgical procedure and which artificially replaces your tooth root. Placing a single tooth will only take about an hour and don’t worry, as we will make sure you are comfortable. Afterwards, you will be fine to go back to work the same day. If you are concerned at the thought of surgery, we can use sedation dentistry.

Generally, the post is then left to begin a process called osseointegration, where it will fuse with the surrounding bone so it is held firmly in place. This normally takes three months. During this time, we can supply a temporary restoration so you won’t be left without a smile. Next, an abutment is attached to the post and this protrudes above your gums and is used to support a new restoration. Single tooth implants can support single dental crowns, while multiple can support fixed dental bridges or removable dentures.

There are many different types of dental systems that can be used so this is just a very brief overview of treatment. An initial consultation with us here at Definition Dental – Top Dental Center will let you discover all your options.

Why Choose Dental Implants ?

We know some people are deterred from seeking this treatment because it can take several months to complete and the initial Dental Implant Cost in Beaverton are a little higher, but we also know the long-term benefits far outweigh these arguments. When properly cared for, teeth implants could last for many years or even for life, making this a cost-effective solution.

Benefits to Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

With this treatment, you can enjoy having teeth that look and feel just like your own. They will be held firmly in place and are designed to restore full function to your mouth so you can bite and chew comfortably and can talk and smile knowing your teeth look great. crowns and bridges make it easy to forget you ever lost teeth.Visit Definition dental for full mouth dental implant cost in beaverton at Affordable price .

Benefits to Dental Health

As your dentist in Beaverton, OR, these are the benefits we are particularly interested in! When you lose natural teeth, the jawbone that used to surround your tooth roots soon begins to resorb. This destabilizes any adjacent teeth and will affect your bite. Where multiple teeth are lost, facial dimensions change and there is a loss of height between your upper and lower jaw. Additionally, your facial muscles will not be properly supported.

In Beaverton are the only treatment that can halt this bone loss, preserving and protecting your jawbone. They are self-supporting and will help to hold existing teeth in place while spreading the forces created during biting and chewing. Unlike conventional bridges, we will not need to grind down perfectly healthy teeth for support. This helps to protect and preserve your healthy teeth. If you are currently missing multiple teeth, replacing them at beaverton dental center – supported teeth will allow you to eat a more varied diet, potentially improving your nutrition and protecting your general health. Here at Definition Dental, we can provide all the treatments needed to comfortably replace your missing teeth at Definition dental. Our caring dental team will be here to support you every step of the way.


Although the initial cost of dental treatment in Beaverton is a little higher than other options, in the longer term you will save money and you’ll love having strong, stable teeth that look great. Don’t forget you can comfortably spread the cost of treatment with our convenient payment plan options.  Why not call us today, or book online and take that first step towards getting the most advanced and very best treatment with affordable dental implants price to restore your dental health and your smile.