Does the sound of a dental drill cause you anxiety? For many that have dental anxiety, drilling to remove cavities and other elements is a source of stress. With air abrasion technology, drilling is no longer needed. This advanced dental technology in general dentistry can remove decay, composite fillings and even stains with a small, precise blast of air and particles. At Definition Dental, we offer air abrasion for our patients as an alternative to drilling.

Air abrasion works like a small sandblaster, using high pressured air and small particles to gently remove areas on the surface of a tooth. This technique is commonly used to remove shallow cavities or decay from the surface. It can also remove stains, plaque and prepare a tooth for bonding or sealants. The tool is quiet, with no heat or vibration, improving the experience for patients that dread the sound and feel of drilling during dental treatments.


Beyond giving patients a better dental experience, air abrasion also offers other benefits. Compared to drilling, air abrasion allows more of the healthy tooth to be retained when removing decay. It can also reduce the need for anesthesia for some surface decay removal. This gentler technique for removing portions of the tooth does not have the same risk for chipping or causing micro-fractures as drilling. In fact, air abrasion is gentle enough to allow the dentist to complete multiple repairs in the mouth in one visit, saving time for our patients.

As your beaverton dentist, we are always striving to make our patients more comfortable when getting their dental treatments at our office. Air abrasion is just one more way that we put our patients’ health and comfort first. Contact us today and come experience the difference in our dental care by scheduling your first visit with our experienced dental team today.

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