Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Definition Dental - Beaverton OR Dentist knows how difficult it can become dealing with damaged teeth. Whether you have a cracked or broken tooth or you are experiencing tooth decay, each patient is unique, requiring different general dentistry techniques to repair damage. A dental crown becomes necessary when a patient experiences a cracked or broken tooth. There are many reasons that a tooth can become broken or damaged. For some, it is as simple as biting down on a piece of hard candy and for others, tooth decay is evident requiring a visit to the dentist. In some cases, a patient will not experience any pain from a cracked or damaged tooth, but not addressing the situation can become detrimental to your overall health and smile. If the cracked tooth becomes infected, harmful bacteria can cause decay and even jeopardize the health of the tooth. Definition Dental is able to help patients who suffer from cracked or damaged teeth by repairing the problem with a dental crown.

Porcelain Crowns

Definition Dental - dentist portland oregon is committed to offering patients a variety of options for repairing of broken teeth. Porcelain crowns are an innovative dental procedure that offers patients a more natural look if a dental crown is needed. In some cases, a porcelain crown can be used to help restore discoloration or cover damage caused by tooth decay. Porcelain crowns are the most advanced form of dental crown treatments utilizing ceramics to create a dental crown. The highly experienced team at Definition Dental can help you decide which dental crown procedure works best for you. We aim to help our patients keep their smile looking radiant and healthy, ensuring your oral health is restored. If you have a broken or damaged tooth requiring a crown, visit with the knowledgeable team at Definition Dental about porcelain crowns. We know how important it is to have a beautiful and healthy smile; contact us today for an appointment

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I've been going to Definition Dental for several years now and couldn't be happier! The staff are friendly and welcoming and it is so easy to make appointments. I wouldn't recommend any other place for dentists!

I went there for a cleaning, which was great. The hygienist was very polite, explained things very well and did a great job. I did have some cavities and came back for three additional appointments to get my cavities filled. The dentist, Dr. Agarwal, was very professional and i can honestly say of all the dentists I've visited over the years, she did the best job of filling the cavities. When it was over, i couldn't even tell that anything was done, my bite was exactly as it was before. Also, she was very conservative and wanted to try everything she could before performing a root canal and crown, which I appreciated very much. Cannot recommend her and her staff enough!!

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